CY is currently published in New Zealand and available for purchase online here and in store at Carson's Bookshop, 600 Pollen St, Thames on the Coromandel Peninsula.

All profits from online sales of CY are donated to organisations that help combat mental health issues for youth in Aotearoa New Zealand.

A gripping adventure through time, culture and mind.

Weaving together a curious tale of esoteric intrigue set within exotic travel adventures and a modern-day drama of artificial intelligence mayhem, CY challenges us to begin to understand our rapidly-changing world in brave and adventurous ways.
When Matt Coley died tragically on April 10th, 2016, he left behind not only his life and dreams as a surfer, writer and entrepreneur, he also left a stack of handwritten notes and electronic files filled with a novel he'd been working on for years. Not long after his death, in honour of the unique and gifted man who left too soon, his mother and his sister painstakingly pieced the book together. Now in print, CY is Matt Coley's one and only novel. A riveting globe-trotting romp through time, across multiple cultures, grappling with human issues both ancient and contemporary, CY weaves together the story of a renegade artificial intelligence program causing mayhem in the U.S. with a ripping historical narrative that include threads of Māori, Celtic, Hindu and shamanic wisdom traditions, a dash of Egyptology, and a visit to the mysterious ruins of Pohnpei in the remote South Pacific.